About our stock

More and more customers are coming to my hometown shop to collect parts they need.
Always welcome off coursse but I don't have all my items stored at one place.
I have several storage locations  so I cannot always serve all customers with the desired items,
they want at that specific time.
So some are a bit dissapointed to see they could not purchase everything they needed.

Some stock is stashed in large boxes that still needs to be sorted out.
From time to time this will be done and will be moved to my home shop.
Some customers ask me if the stock was really so big that I could not display it all in my shop.
I hope it is clear when you see the following pictures below.
And please mail me youre "wanted" list a day before you coming to collect them.

March 2016 , Huge shipmend came in and wil be sorted out soon.