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Soudal dry wax 100ml

About Soudal Dry Wax - 100mL
Trust the cleaning, lubrication and protection of your bike to Soudal
Soudal Dry Wax is a specially formulated professional chain lubricant based on wax. 
Suitable for lubrication of bicycle chain, jockey wheels, 
cassette and chain rings to ensure protection from rust, corrosion and dirt.
Application method: Degrease and clean chain, jockey wheels, 
cassette and chain rings thoroughly. Make sure the chain is completely dry. 
Shake vigorously and then apply Dry Wax
to the inside of the chain and at the same time rotate the chain. 
Apply enough Dry Wax (2 to 3 layers) and dry the chain before applying the next layer. 
The chain must be completely dry before cycling. 
Dirt can be wiped off afterwards from the chain with a dry cloth. Then again apply Dry Wax.

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